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  • Why All Bloggers Should Learn HTML & CSS

    Why All Bloggers Should Learn HTML & CSS

    Having to learn a programming language can be intimidating at first glance. But, companies like Codecademy have created interactive tutorials that will teach you to code, starting from the basics. Their interactive teaching technique makes the learning experience, a lot easier to digest. But why do I think all Bloggers should learn HTML & CSS?   […]

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  • Blog Friendly WordPress Themes

    Improve your site's design by using a premium Blog Friendly Wordpress Theme that is responsive, SEO Friendly and highly customizable.

    The Design of your blog is equally as important as the content. Poorly designed blogs statically receive less traffic and subscribers. Improving the design of your blog is as simple as installing a theme. There are companies that are solely dedicated to creating beautiful WordPress themes that are easy to install and customize. An important element […]