Japanese Seaweed Salad Recipe

 Seaweed is a common part of a Japanese person’s diet, but most commonly used in Seaweed Salad. If you’ve clicked on this Japanese Seaweed Salad Recipe,  you might be curious about Japanese Seaweed Salad… Reasons why Japanese Seaweed Salad is healthy  Seaweed can help to prevent inflammation, which can lower your risk of getting diseases. This…Continue Reading “Best Japanese Seaweed Salad Recipe”

Beaches in South Florida

Due to plenty of tourism from beaches in South Florida and famous amusement parks, a total of 87.3 million people visited Florida in 2011 making it the top travel destination in the world at the time.  When planning a visit to South Florida, you are most likely curious about the beaches. With thousands of miles…Continue Reading “5 Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer”