5 Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer

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Beaches in South Florida

Due to plenty of tourism from beaches in South Florida and famous amusement parks, a total of 87.3 million people visited Florida in 2011 making it the top travel destination in the world at the time.  When planning a visit to South Florida, you are most likely curious about the beaches. With thousands of miles of pure sand and gorgeous blue waters, Florida is somewhere anyone can enjoy.

Palm Beach Island

Palm Beach - Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer!

      Palm Beach is known for the famous people who live there but is also home to one of the best beaches in South Florida. This beach provides a beach goer with more than enough beach.  Though this beach tends to be hard to find parking at due to the many private beaches. When you do happen to find parking, you are in for a treat. This beach is never overpacked and is only a 5-minute drive to Downtown West Palm Beach, making it a destination to check out!


Delray Beach

Delray Beach - Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer!

Welcome to Delray Beach where the sun is always shining and the beach is incredibly beautiful. Delray is known for the dynamic environment. The town has an art district, restaurants, bars and clothing stores just a short walk away from the beach. There is always parking available along A1A which is only steps away from the beach, making this one of the top beaches in South Florida.


Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach - Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer!


The Boynton Beach is a hidden gem most travelers are missing! This beach is very quiet and peaceful any time of day.  Unlike most packed beaches, this beach has a playground and barbecue area. It’s a great park and beach for families and get-togethers. Though due to the small parking lot they have, I would suggest getting there early to get a space!

Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth - Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer!

Lake Worth Beach is a very clean and convenient beach for travelers. Whether you are looking for the perfect beach day or just passing time walking the boardwalk with a beautiful ocean view, this is the beach to head to. The boardwalk has a large restaurant with indoor/outdoor seating, an ice cream shop, a pizza shop and beachwear shop. This beach is also very close to Downtown Lake Worth and is ideal for all ages.

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach - Beaches in South Florida You Need To Visit This Summer!


Hollywood Beach is a very nice alternative to the extremely popular beaches in South Florida, such as Fort Lauderdale Beach or South Beach. This beach isn’t crowded with young partiers, it is more of a family friendly place.  This beach has a boardwalk which offers tons of new restaurants. There is always something to do at this beach.Whether you decide to come during the day or at night, you won’t be disappointed.


Final Thoughts on Beaches in South Florida

Although the beaches in South Florida are extremely popular because of their beauty, most times you’ll have a better experience at one of the unknown beaches listed above. Less populated beaches will give you the full experience of the beautiful beaches in South Florida, without all the crowds of tourists, which can get annoying!

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  • Charlotte Grace Rickard

    love it !, I’m looking at heading to the states next year after Australia. I’ll keep your blog in mind for when I’m planning x

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    all those beaches look beautiful, if i’m ever in Florida I now know where to go 🙂

  • Nnenna Echem

    Wow! They all look amazing! I love Florida!:)

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    They all look amazing! I think I would enjoy Boynton Beach the best. I just love peaceful times at the beach – not too much commotion 🙂

  • Jasmin N

    I’ve been to every single one of these beaches and they’re absolutely gorgeous! Gosh you made me miss Florida so badly now… 😀

    ~ Jasmin N
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    Great post. My fav one is Palm Beach 🙂

    • Palm Beach is one of my favorites as well!

  • OMG these beaches are so gorgeous!! <3 I so need to visit the states!!

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    Wow! Florida is definitely now on my bucket list!