Boost Blog Traffic By Updating Old Posts

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Updating your old posts can bring in a ton of new traffic to your website. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting the results you want!

Updating old blog posts can bring in a lot of new traffic if done correctly. Your end goal will be to update outdated information, improve the layout and design of the post and promote it as fresh content.

We all have old content that we spent a lot of time creating but it isn’t getting the traffic it deserves anymore. But this is our problem to solve as bloggers and web developers. It is essential to spend at least 2 hours every week evaluating how your older content is performing and how you could improve it.


Keep Your Content Current


Outdated information will make you lose credibility as an expert in your niche. If you’re creating guides and tutorials, you need to be constantly updating them with any new information that comes out. Reading through your guides & tutorials at least once a month will ensure that the content is still relevant and helpful.

If you have a guide that hasn’t been updated in a year, you might need to completely scrap the post and recreate it with the new information. Never keep a post with outdated information live on your blog just because it’s bringing in traffic – update or delete it!


Improve Your Graphics

Improve Your Graphics

Blog Graphic trends are always changing, which means your old blog posts probably look super dated. A year ago it wasn’t very popular to have long vertical images in your blog post, but with the rise of bloggers using Pinterest as their main traffic source, it has become extremely popular. Keep all your posts up-to-date with the latest trends to make your content relevant.

If you have an image in your blog post that has been shared a lot, be sure it is watermarked and has a link to your website included – You could be losing out on a ton of traffic if your top images aren’t branded.

Pro Tip: I don’t waste time branding ALL of my images. Find your top performing images & add branding to them & re-upload them!

Market, Promote, Share, Spread!

Market Your Content

Once you’ve updated your old post, it’s time to promote it using all of your social channels! Don’t be shy to promote it as fresh content, as you’ve grown since publishing the original version, so many of your new followers haven’t even seen the content. If you’ve created previous graphics for Social Media sharing, create a second one and A/B test which one performs better.

Use all the new marketing techniques you’ve been reading about to promote your refreshed content, because you really have nothing to lose! If you successfully market your refreshed content, you’ll gain a ton of new traffic to your blog. If your marketing doesn’t go well, you won’t get any more traffic & you’ll be in the same position you were before you started – don’t give up & try it again!

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