Content Marketing You Need for Every Blog Post

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Content Marketing You Need for Every Blog Post

Blogging seems pretty straight forward at first glance however, successful blogs are using an effective content marketing strategy. If you’re tired of being one of the other blogs, you need to be using a content marketing system that works for you!

Creating the content & designing your website  is the easy part. Once you have content online, you want people to see it. Getting your new content to the perfect audience is what content marketing will do for you. Use these content marketing tips to skyrocket your traffic.

Online Content Marketing can be broken down into two categories. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

Both contribute equally to the success of a blog. Both will require time and effort. And both will produce excellent results if done correctly.

An effective content marketing strategy will put your fresh content in front of the ideal audience. Find the ideal audience for your new post


Using Social Media for Content Marketing

Social Media - Content Marketing

Social Media is used to bring in the initial traffic to your fresh content. By using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & StumbleUpon, you’re able to let your followers and new people know about your newly posted content.

Social Media will create a large traffic spike to your new content. If the readers enjoy your content, they will share your post on their Social Media profiles, giving you more exposure.

I have found that Scheduling New Posts on Pinterest and Looping Older Content is the most effective way to keep the traffic coming to your post from Social Media.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Content Marketing

On- Page Search Engine Optimization won’t provide the initial traffic spike that Social Media does. SEO should be thought of as a long-term content marketing strategy. All blog posts and pages should be fully SEO optimized on-page, allowing Search Engines to understand what your website and content is about.

By optimizing your content on-page, you will have higher chances of ranking for Keyword Results. Once you are ranking for a Keyword, you’ll receive a ton of free organic traffic from Google.

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization, focus on learning about long-tail keywords. A good Long-Tail Keyword should have a high search volume, with low competition – Making it easier to rank for the keyword.


Back-Link Building

Backlink Building refers to the off-site SEO which will help you rank on Google.

Backlinks are quality links to your website from other authority websites. Social Media shares can create backlinks to your content, as well as guest posting & comments left on other blogs. There are endless ways to build backlinks to your content.

I’ve been using a Simple Link-Building Method , which can be automated and will build backlinks to your website on autopilot.


Completing Your Content Marketing Crash Course

Crash Course - Content MarketingUsing Social Media & SEO together effectively will bring in the initial traffic to fresh content and keep the traffic coming. If you want to know if your content marketing strategy is currently working, ask yourself how many visitors your blog post from last week got today?

Seeing results from SEO may take a while, but optimizing every piece of content on your website is essential if you want organic traffic to your website.

An effective Content Marketing strategy will put your fresh content in front of the ideal audience, who will read your content and engage with your blog.


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  • Great tips! I’m trying to get better about SEO in my posts!

  • I use Boardbooster for looping on Pinterest and it’s awesome. Automation for the win!

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  • These are some good tips! Social media, for me, is the best way to get traffic, especially Pinterest. It’s so interesting to learn how it all works!

  • ccmaine

    Interesting! Just read your Simple Backlinking Method post as well…and learned something new! 🙂

  • Dia

    This is so great. I work for a digital marketing company and so many bloggers don’t realize the benefits of back linking and the importance of SEO. Sharing this for sure.