Starting A Blog on a Budget

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Blogging is something that most people consider from time to time. If you’re serious about launching your blog this time, this article is for you!

Don’t put it off any longer, take action today & stick it out.. It’ll be worth it.


Domains Decide Your Brand Name..

You’re probably wondering why I’ve listed Domain name as the first thing on our list..

Something most new bloggers don’t take into consideration is that a domain can only be held by one person – meaning if it’s taken, you can’t have it.

For this reason, I recommend my clients to do Domain Availability Research when deciding their blog name.

Domain research is extremely easy & extremely important.. All you need to do is determine whether the domain you want is taken.

Domain Research can be done on several platforms, however I recommend BlueHostGet your domain FREE if you use my link!

Domain Names are the text you type into a browser which are actually tied to an IP Address of the computer that is hosting your website.. Crazy isn’t it. (More on this Below)

Domains come in various forms – You could consider a .com , .net , or any of hundreds of options available.

However, as we all know, the most popular of them all is the .com – which is probably what you want.


We Need Somewhere To Put Your Files, Blogger!


Your website will be made up of files, which will need to be stored on a computer.

Computers that host websites are referred to as web hosts & create the link between your domain & your websites content.

When a user types your domain into a browser, the browser will make a query to the IP Address & display the content is returns.

Before we think about which files we are going to be using, we need to get a host to store them!

BlueHost provides excellent hosting at affordable rates. I’ve been using them on all my clients websites – some get low traffic & some have thousands of monthly viewers.

I’m sure everyone has heard of BlueHost by now as they are pretty much the industry leaders in blog hosting.

Web Hosts tend to charge anywhere from $7 – $129 depending on the scale of the server they’re providing.

We’ve teamed up with BlueHost to provide affordable, quality hosting to new bloggers for only $3.95 / month & a FREE domain + 5 FREE Emails when you use our link!

By using BlueHost as your host, they’ll remove the tedious task of propagating NameServers to external domains..

Content is King

A website without any content would just be a blank page (literally)..

So it’s time to populate your website with some killer content! You could do this one of two ways..

[Not Required] Option 1) – Programming gives you the freedom to create your website exactly as you imagined. However the learning curve to coding can be a little high (and sometimes unnecessary) for beginner bloggers.. You’ll have to learn an entire language, that only computers (and other programmers can interoperate). However, if you already have coding knowledge, now is your time to experiment & create your website!

[Recommended] Option 2) Content Management Systems allow beginner & advanced users to share content, using a platform & interface that is user friendly. WordPress is a favorite in the blogging industry & are currently doing an exceptional job. Even with coding knowledge, I recommend clients to use WordPress as their core system & build upon it – Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

WordPress is a great foundation to start your successful career as a blogger as it is highly customization, secure & allows for third-party plugins.

You’ll find excellent documentation created by WordPress on Installing the CMS, Installing Themes & a lot more on their official website.


But Design is important too..

Visually, you want your website to be beautiful & pleasant to look at. Great content that is poorly displayed is often inferior to average content that is easy on the eye.

WordPress comes with a standard theme that they release each year. Whether you want to stick with it, or purchase a premium theme is up to you.

One thing I always advise clients is that you will end up upgrading to a premium theme.. it’s inevitable. When the time comes for an upgrade, will you be discouraged by having to recreate your entire website.

Purchasing a theme from the beginning, which I wish I had done with my older projects, would’ve saved me a lot of time ( and frustration ) – I do recommend purchasing one & setting a strong foundation for a successful blog to come..

The Genesis Theme has been a blogger favorite for a long time, and for good reason. Their theme acts as a beautiful framework which is highly customizable to achieve any desired style of website.

I always talk about how important building a strong foundation is & I believe this is very important when picking a theme.
Click to download the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners

If you’re unsure what exactly Genesis Theme Framework has to offer, no one will explain it better to you than they will. [Read More Here]


Welcome to the Club

At this point, you’re basically a fully fledged blogger! Your journey to creating the successful blog you’ve been dreaming of is one step closer than before..

You’re ready to start publishing your very own blog posts, exactly like the one you’re reading right now.

Now that you’re a blogger, I’ve got a ton of free content on my website ready for you to take advantage of to take your blog one step closer to your goal!

If you successfully launch a blog after reading this, leave your link below in the comment section so I can follow your journey.. Goodluck

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  • Sahar

    Really informative!

    • Thank you Sahar, if you run into any issues along the way, feel free to ask a question in the comments.

      • Sahar

        Ohh sure! Thank you!

  • Great post 🙂 I remember how confused I was by WordPress when I first set one up years ago, this is bound to help some people!

    • Thanks Zinzi, new bloggers always assume that it’s too expensive to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog. They end up using Blogger or WordPress hosted sites & then struggle to transfer it at a later stage.

  • Great tips! I hope this helps people that are scared to start, but can see that it’s not too that difficult to do in the end!

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