Simple Link-Building Strategy – Improve Google Ranking

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Simple Link-Building Strategy - Improve Google Ranking


Ranking #1 on a keyword with a large search volume in a Search Engine will bring in loads of traffic to your blog, but how do you get to the first page?

Link-Building Strategy - Improve Google Ranking

Well, Google uses a special algorithm to determine which website deserves the #1 spot. Optimizing your website to play well with this algorithm is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & will greatly improve your chances of getting to that elusive #1 spot!

Search Engine Optimization consists of On-Page SEO & Off-Site SEO, which is also called Link Building.

Today, I will be focusing on one of the least discussed link-building methods. I have been using the method for years to improve my Google Ranking and although there are some critics that challenge this method, I have seen the results. I was able to rank on Page 1 for a high volume keyword on this 3 Month Old blog.

 Social Media Is Usually A Terrible Link Building Source

When Social Media was fairly new, Search Engine Optimizers were all over it, sharing their link everywhere possible with the hopes of improving their Google Ranking, as this was once an acceptable method of link-building. This was great for the website owners & SEO Companies Clients. But Social Media websites were quickly becoming filled with spam from all of these links!

To combat these link-building methods, most Social Media websites decided to turn all of their external links to No-Follow, meaning that it would serve no purpose in SEO. You could post as many links on Social Media as you’d like and it wouldn’t improve your Google Ranking.

This deterred SEO from Social Media and that was the end of it. Well, not completely..

The Tumblr Link-Building Strategy That Will Improve Your Google Ranking

Tumblr is a Social Media that is most popular with teenagers however, there are so many niches within Tumblr, with a large audience!  I haven’t seen any bloggers using Tumblr as a link-building strategy!

Tumblr is one of the very few Social Media sites that use Do-Follow external links, meaning if you can create an effective link-building strategy on Tumblr, you will be building a ton of quality backlinks to your site which will improve your Google Ranking!

I have created an extremely effective Tumblr link-building strategy that will not only improve your Google ranking but also make your Tumblr followers skyrocket!

So, enough with the talking, let’s get right into the method..


Ultimate Link-Building Strategy

Many bloggers are posting images to Tumblr but neglect the post description area. In this area, you can share an unlimited amount of text, and hyperlink certain keywords, or even the entire text. This is perfect for us link-builders!

Clickable text with a Do-Follow link is the ultimate link-building goldmine – But we don’t want to take advantage of this. You don’t want to be a spammer, so how are we going to effectively build links, while growing our Tumblr followers!?

Simple Link-Building Strategy - Improve Google Ranking

Above is an example of an image I have posted to Tumblr & how I have effectively used every link-building opportunity Tumblr offers in a single post while contributing quality content to my followers!

I’ve created a caption to give more context to the photograph I’ve posted, created a bold hyperlink back to my website & also scored an extra link below with the source linking back to my Tumblr Blog.

Let The Link-Building Strategy Work For YOU!

Once you’ve posted this image, it will create a backlink to your site. But this is only the beginning, as each time one of your followers reblogs it, it’ll create a backlink to your site from their blog! And a cycle of backlinks starts from there as their followers reblog it from them and the cycle continues!

Each Tumblr Blog is considered a separate website by Google, much like WordPress websites running on the WordPress Subdomain ( / )

Hopefully you’re starting to see the insane back-link building power!

Automate Your Link-Building Strategy For Crazy Google Ranking!

So we know this link-building strategy is powerful but it would be a pain to have to optimize each image we upload to Tumblr.

I’ve been using this link-building strategy for a long time & have discovered a way to automate the process and make things super easy!

I’ve been using a 3rd Party site called Queue+ which allows me to add 100’s of posts to a queue and set the interval between posts being published. Once a week I’ll get on Tumblr & add a bunch of posts to my queue, as well as my own original posts. I’ll then set the interval at 15 minutes, meaning that every 15 minutes, Queue+ will publish one of the posts in my queue.

Queue+ also gives me the option to Mass-Edit the descriptions of all the posts in my queue, which makes creating the backlink super easy!


I think that this link-building strategy should be in every blogger & website owner’s arsenal of tricks as it will improve your Google Ranking if used consistently.


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  • I didn’t know this about tumblr, thanks for sharing this! I wonder what other links help the google ranking, like Pinterest maybe?

    Characters & Carry-ons

    • Pinterest will bring in a ton of referral traffic to your site, but it won’t help with your sites Google Ranking because external links on Pinterest are No-Follow, meaning they have no link-building power.

      You need to be focusing on growing your Pinterest & link-building at the same time. Seems like a lot of work, but if you automate it, it’s super easy… and worth it!

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