How To Make A Tan Last

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If you live in a hot climate location, tanning is probably a daily activity for you even when you aren’t trying to! Though, the seasons are changing and the suns rays are not as strong we still wan’t to keep that summer glow. Even living in Florida I still struggle to keep my color through the winter. Luckily, I’ve found a product that has made a significant difference in my after tan.

Keeping a glowing healthy tan can be difficult but we think we've figured out how you can make your tan last extra long!

I’ve chosen to review Just Natural’s Tanning Indoor Oil because of how great my skin looks and feels after I apply this product. This tanning oil is loaded with oil’s with plenty of vitamins for that gorgeous healthy glow and perfect natural bronzed tan that leaves you feeling amazing. This tanning oil makes it easy to achieve and keep a amazing glow whether you are outside or in a tanning bed. I also love the fact that I know most of the ingredients already! I always see products with crazy ingredients names that i’ve never heard of and it puts me off from using them. Some of these ingredients include Nut Oil, Safflower Oil, Grape seed Oil and Avocado Oil.

The Benefits

Deep Long-Lasting Color
Chemical Free
Mineral Oil Free
No Parabens
No Fragrance
Tanning Bed Safe
No Sunscreen

Keeping a glowing healthy tan can be difficult but we think we've figured out how you can make your tan last extra long!

How to Apply

  • When using this product I highly recommend to apply this at least 10-15 minutes before tanning, this lets your skin absorb the product to give you that glow.
  • You may reapply the oil if needed throughout the day.
  • This oil can also be used as a moisturizer, this is a great way to make your tan last longer than usual.

This product is only beneficial if you are already tanning or trying to make a tan last, this product is not a self-tanner. While tanning, I do recommend to always apply sunscreen when tanning. This product does not contain any SPF and you are more likely to burn if you do not apply SPF before tanning. Tanning oils have a bad reputation for use with indoor tanning beds since they were made mostly of mineral oils that would damage the acrylic that the beds were made of. This tanning oil does not have any oils in it that will destroy or harm tanning beds.

It will help you tan faster, extend your glow and help maintain your tan longer than ever!

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