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Travel Photography Gear Essentials
Do you have the ultimate blogger photography essentials in your setup? In this post I'll cover 4 Categories: All Purpose Shots, WaterProof Photography, On-The-Go Footage & Aerial Shots! Don't miss it. Click the image to discover the blog photography essentials!

All bloggers know it’s important to capture an experience and share it with their audience. If you want to capture the best footage, you need to be prepared for all types of shots. So there are certain photography essentials you’ll need.

Using the gear listed in this post, you’ll be able to capture all styles of footage professionally for your blog.

I’ve separated this post into 4 categories:

  • All Purpose Shots – General shots with the primary purpose of shooting high quality
  • WaterProof Photography – Used in rain, bad weather conditions or underwater filming
  • On-The-Go Footage / Photography – Light, Easy to carry, with best quality. (Great for hikes or outdoor activities that don’t involve water)
  • Aerial Shots –  Flying Drone able to capture high-quality images

All Purpose Blog Photography

DSLR Camera’s are a blog photography essential, as it provides crisp, high-quality images & footage. They’re able to capture footage than almost all other cameras. However, the fatal flaw of a DSLR is that it can’t take any damage. That means no shooting in the rain, extreme weather & definitely don’t drop your camera. One drop and your camera will be broken! So this is why the DSLR isn’t ideal for all situations, but most situations, this will be your best option.


Entry Level DSLR

Canon Rebel T5i - Ultimate Blogger Photography Essentials

The Canon Rebel T5i is the perfect entry level DSLR for blogger photography, which captures amazing image & video and won’t break your budget. Entry level DSLR’s on the market recently have been incredible and they are shooting super crisp images, which is almost identical to the more expensive DSLR’s. If you aren’t a professional photographer, you won’t miss any features that are included in the more expensive DSLR’s.

Your ability to change lenses, set ISO, Aperture & ISO alone, will give you incredible images that will be better than any other non-DSLR camera (with a little practice).

Pro Tip: If you purchase a DSLR, try to always stay away from the Automatic mode. Don’t be scared to use Manual or Av Aperture Priority) and learn. There’s no better way to learn and once you get good, you’re going to get better quality than ever before.

I’d highly recommend this DSLR as a primary camera for all blogger photography.

Link To Best Priced Canon Rebel T5i

High-End DSLR

Canon 80D - Ultimate Blogger Photography Essentials

If you’re looking for a high-end DSLR for your blog photography and are willing to spend more for the extra quality, the Canon 80D is the perfect DSLR.

The Canon 80D costs about twice as much as the Canon Rebel T5i – But if you are an experienced photographer, you’ll appreciate the upgrades on the specs. The Canon 80D records video in 1080p @ 60fps. It also has 24.2 Megapixels, dual-pixel Auto-Focus (great for filming video), a flip out screen and many more features.

If you’re serious about the quality of your blog photography, this is the camera for you. You need to pay for quality in the photography world & the Canon 80D really delivers on quality.

Link To Best Priced Canon 80D

Waterproof Photography

GoPro HERO4 Black - Ultimate Blogger Photography Essentials

You’ll only realise how amazing Waterproof Cameras are, once you’ve used one. Waterproof Camera’s are great for filming in rain or extreme conditions when a DSLR or Point-And-Shoot would get damaged! Some experiences will require the camera to get wet, or even go underwater to capture the experience.

If you are a travel blogger, this one is an essential. You’ll want to be prepared to shoot in any conditions. You don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm and have to pack away the camera.

The GoPro HERO4 Black is the perfect all-conditions camera. It films in 4K, which provides more crisp footage than the Canon 80D however, the GoPro Hero4 doesn’t do as well in low lighting. The HERO4 is extremely durable with the water-proof housing attached, you can film in heavy rain, sandstorms, snow, underwater and just about any possible condition.

Pro-Tip: Water-Proof Cameras don’t necessarily always get wet, but they’re great to use when there is a possibility of the camera getting wet. If your DSLR gets wet, it’s almost guaranteed damage. Water-Proof Cameras are great for outdoor activities like kayaking

Film Tip: Be aware that the waterproof housing on the GoPro will muffle your audio on your video, so find another audio source or just play some music over the footage in a video editing software

Link To Best Priced GoPro HERO4 Black

Update: GoPro HERO5 Release

Since releasing this post, GoPro has released the GoPro Hero5, which is the ultimate waterproof camera. GoPro has taken all the best elements from the GoPro Hero4 & worked out all of the negatives. The GoPro Hero5 no longer requires a waterproof housing as the camera itself is waterproof, making underwater film audio the best it’s ever been!

GoPro Hero 5

Since the removal of the GoPro housing around the camera, the audio has been incredible. But GoPro didn’t stop there.. The GoPro Hero5 has 3 microphones with automatic noise cancelation – allowing for crisp audio even in the most extreme winds!

The GoPro Hero5 also has built in image stabilization, as well as the option to purchase GoPro’s handheld stabilizer (not to mention the drone..)

Do I recommend upgrading to a GoPro Hero5 if you have the GoPro Hero4? Hell Yes!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t sell your GoPro Hero4 today (there’s still a market!) and purchase the GoPro Hero5!

Overall, GoPro’s latest addition is superior in every way – they really thought of everything! (Not to mention it’s well priced!)

Link To Best Priced GoPro Hero5


On-The-Go Footage & Photography

Canon G7X - Ultimate Blogger Photography Essentials

Many bloggers will be using their camera to film vlogs (Video Blogs). DSLR’s are great for vlogging if they are mounted on a tripod, which isn’t ideal for On-The-Go filming. Which is why I’ve chosen a point-and-shoot camera that is light, durable & shoots incredible footage.

The Canon G7X is the best point-and-shoot on the market based on the quality it provides for its price. Most point-and-shoot’s that provide the quality the G7X does are double the price – making the G7X a wise purchase. The G7X has an excellent auto-focus & shoots at 1080p @ 60fps – making it a great camera for On-The-Go filming (or even mounted on a tripod).

The Canon G7X can be used instead of a DSLR for photography, as it shoots amazing images however, you won’t get the full control of settings that a DSLR provides.

The Leica SL is a high-end point-and-shoot, which retails for up to $7,500 – and shoots similar footage to the Canon G7X – priced at $649.

Link To Best Priced Canon G7X

Aerial Video / Photography

DJI Phantom 4 - Ultimate Blogger Photography Essentials

Drones shoot 4K HD video and are essentially a flying camera. A flying camera allows you to shoot video & photography from a different perspective. There are loads of drones on the market, although there is one brand that really stands out, DJI.

The DJI Phantom 4 is the best drone on the market based on quality & price. It’s reasonably priced and has amazing features such as Auto-Takeoff and Auto Return Home with GPS technology. It features auto-stabilization & obstacle avoidance technology, making the drone easy to fly. 

The camera will capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, supported resolutions include: 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) photos. The f/2.8 lens with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear images.

DJI have created an amazing drone, which is great for first-time users because of the obstacle avoidance, auto-stabilization technology. As well as being able to capture incredible footage while flying.

Link To Best Priced DJI Phantom 4

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