Easy Note Taking Method For Bloggers

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Easy Note Taking Method For Bloggers
Easy Note Taking Method For Bloggers

Most of us have trouble remembering everything we think, read or see throughout the day.  A few years ago I started keeping a notebook, which if used properly is the most effective note taking method. Notebooks are an easy way to keep everything in your mind in order. Going through your thoughts & notes in the future is a great way to revisit old ideas and improve them. Below I’ve listed reasons why carrying a notebook is the most effective note taking method.



I know you may think using a notebook may be an inconvenience to carry around all day.  Most notebooks are small enough to fit in your backpack or purse.  There are also small pocket notebooks that can easily fit in your back pocket.  Now that you have a notebook, jotting ideas and note taking will become much more convenient. Always have a notebook with you, if you don’t remember your ideas, you can’t revisit them later.

Using Your Phone As A Note Taking Method?

Note Taking on a cell phone will never be as personalized as a notebook (at least not with the current technology). Cellphone note taking apps are usually pretty basic & don’t allow you to highlight, doodle, draw arrows or even jot down ideas super fast when you’re in a hurry.

You will naturally develop your own note taking method after using your notebook for a few weeks. Everyone has their own style, and with a notebook your creativity is unlimited. Create sections, highlight important notes & perfect your note taking method.


Notebooks have tons of space for any doodles, note taking or thoughts. Dividing the notebook into seperate sections works great to organize all of your thoughts. I have divided my notebook into sections such as poems, future plans, thoughts & general note taking. These seperations help me to keep all similar notes together for easy reference. I’ve found this to be an effective note taking method when using a physical notebook.

The Options

You have endless options when purchasing your first notebook. Notebooks come in many different kinds of paper, covers, textures and the amount of paper. Companies are producing a notebook for everyone. I’ own a cute girly notebook, which I purchased from Target. They have tons of notebooks to choose from, I even tend to have a hard time picking one.

If you’re a guy that wants something a little more durable and not so colorful, I would recommend a leather notebook or just a plain black notebook depending on your budget. Target has some very inexpensive black notebooks that work just as well. If you’re looking for a leather notebook, I’d highly recommend FieldNotes. They have an assortment of leather notebooks that every writer would love to get their hands on.

 For the Girly – Girl . . .

Kate Spade Notebooks - Easy Note Taking Method For Bloggers
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For the Hands-on Writer . . .

Field Notes Leather Notebook - Easy Note Taking Method For Bloggers
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If you purchase a notebook & implement the note taking method I described above, you’ll see just how useful it really is to carry a notebook. I have been able to track my thoughts & ideas and revisit them at any time. If you have a great idea, make sure you jot it down in your notebook & revisit it later when you are less busy and have a clear head.

I hope I’ve given you the inspiration to pick up your first personal notebook and start a new page now!

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