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Entrepreneurs should be outsourcing up to 80% of their tasks to focus on business growth. Get the Results without the Work!

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that their time is their most valuable asset. With success, comes a lot of small, time consuming tasks that need to be done to keep your business running smoothly. Small tedious tasks like checking your email [several times per day] can become more time consuming than we like to admit! Being successful brings financial freedom, but doesn’t guarantee freedom in your day-to-day life. Our goal is to help you understand how outsourcing small tedious tasks can be extremely beneficial to small businesses & entrepreneurs.

When To Outsource?

Entrepreneurs like to have full control over all aspects of their business and like things to be done a certain way. Outsourcing becomes a difficult decision to make for entrepreneurs because they know that they can get the work done better, for cheaper. But our goal for outsourcing is for us to free up our time to focus on bigger, more important tasks.

Outsourcing your tedious tasks to Virtual Assistants (VA’s) will ensure that your energy is being used to work on the bigger picture and growth of your business & most importantly your lifestyle.


Where To Outsource?

Outsourcing to countries like India and China has been popular for years because of their low hourly rates. If you are based in a country with a strong currency [USA or Europe], outsourcing from third world countries (or any country with a weaker exchange rate) will be inexpensive and great value for money. Although their rates are low & completely unheard of in USA, they are not being underpaid. After exchanging the currency, they are being fairly compensated [and in most cases being paid more than minimum wage jobs in their country]

Getting Started


Start tracking which tasks are eating up your precious time and not producing any results. Tasks like checking your email 5 times per day for 30 minutes & only replying to 2 emails that will create tangible results for your business can go down on that list.  Every business & entrepreneur will have different tasks that are required for the business to run smoothly – but the tasks don’t need to be done by you!

Once you have a list of the tasks you want outsourced, come up with the worst possible scenario for if your Virtual Assistant were to completely mess up the task. If the worst case scenario doesn’t severely effect your business or life long-term, it can be outsourced.

What Not To Outsource

Some tasks, although tedious and time consuming, will need to be done by you because the consequences of it not being done correctly are too risky. But these are the only tasks you should be focusing on, as these are usually the tasks that will directly impact the growth of your business [such as direct contact with your largest clients]

By outsourcing the rest of your tasks, you’ll find yourself with a lot more time to finish off your tasks and work on building your business!

Automate Your Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content refers to any content that will be consistently changing. Websites require a lot of dynamic content, especially if you’re running a blog. Outsourcing your content will save you a ton of time, while still receiving the results. Outsourcing your content has becoming increasingly easy, with services like ContentMart, making the process extremely easy.

Using ContentMart allows you to specify details about the article you’d like written, including the title, keywords & special instructions. There are tons of high quality writers on ContentMart, allowing me to choose a new writer each time so that I can have a wide variety of content from different writers.

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