Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is a fairly new position that most companies are looking to fill. Almost all industries have moved the majority of their marketing to online. Digital Marketers will run the companies Social Media presence, as well as all SEM & Online Marketing. If online marketing is something you’re passionate about, you might already have the skills needed to land a position as a digital marketer.

Digital Marketers often double as  social media manager/blogger/web developer/ tech support to the company, so the more IT Experience you have, the better your chances of landing a position. Companies are often looking for a candidate that can wear multiple hats with strong problem solving skills.

Often times, digital marketers will be given the responsibility of making minor changes to the companies website (which is usually running some sort of Content Management System, like WordPress).

Basic knowledge of HTML to add & edit content on their current website, as well as CSS to make minor styling changes will seriously impress any potential employers. Although these skills are fairly easy to learn (check out Codecademy), most times companies have seriously outdated websites & if you could assist them, you will definitely land the position.


Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing career. Most Social Media users & Bloggers already have the skills needed to land this position with no formal qualifications needed!

Running a companies Social Media is very different to running a personal social media account. Your employer will trust you to implement your own Social Media growth strategies (that’s why he hired you right?), however you should be able to provide him with some analytics and data to support your strategy and show him why it’s worth keeping you around!

Most Social Media platforms are integrated with Analytics Dashboards (switch all your accounts to Business Accounts) which you should definitely familiarize yourself with. If your Analytics are showing a monthly growth of 20%+ your employer will see the benefit in putting more resources into their online marketing.

Pro Tip: If you are given the responsibility of tracking website analytics, use Google Analytics

Getting the most impressions & conversions out of your companies online marketing budget is key to being a successful digital marketer. Some companies will have a bigger budget of $1000+ per month, which will give you room to focus on quality impressions & clicks, creating more conversions – but you’ll have to pay more.

A lot of Startup Companies are hiring digital marketers, and put a large amount of responsibility on them to build exposure for the business & increase sales through their website / E-Commerce. Startup’s will have a smaller marketing budget of less than $1000 per month. Your growth strategy for businesses with smaller budgets should focus on volume of impressions & pay less for clicks. You will see less conversions, but you will get a lot more impressions, spreading the word a lot quicker.

Search Engine Optimization is a huge element of being a successful Digital Marketer. By fully optimizing your business website pages & off-page SEO, you will be able to bring in organic traffic to the business website through Google for free! SEO is fairly simple once you understand the concept & why it is useful to integrate, so if SEO isn’t something you’re comfortable with, start by understanding how SEO makes you rank higher in Google and how that impacts your traffic.

Your skill level with determine your hourly rate. Experienced Digital Marketers that have advanced IT Experience (Coding is a huge plus) can earn up to $35 / hour in big cities throughout the USA.

If you are currently working on building an online business, this job will help you to improve your skills which can be applied to improving your own business. You will also be spending your time doing what you love to do and being paid extremely well for it!

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