Why A Sub-Domain Is BAD For Your Blog SEO

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I’ve been participating in a lot of blogging communities, networking with bloggers. There has been one common topic I’ve noticed within these communities; which is that there are SO many bloggers that have incredible blogs, that have been running for 6+ months, but are still using a sub-domain! This really blows my mind! Using a sub-domain is one of the worst things you could do as a blogger & I’m going to walk you through a couple of the reasons.

Using A Sub-Domain Will KILL Your SEO

When launching a blog, I always recommend using a sub-domain while designing & publishing your first content. Once you’ve published your first SEO optimized content, it’s time to invest in a custom domain.

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Within 6 months, you should be ranking for some keywords [if your posts are SEO optimized] – What if I told you that when you move to a custom domain, you’re going to lose the ranking.

Each search engine ranking is based on the domain. So when you move to a custom domain, Google doesn’t link your sub-domain & custom domain & pass over the ranking to your new domain.

But I can create a redirect from my sub-domain to new domain, right!?

Some people argue that a redirect from the sub-domain to the custom domain can be put in place to your new domain. If you use a redirect, your ranking for the keywords will drop as that article no longer exists on that domain. Google algorithms recognize that the content no longer exists & you are now redirecting users to a new website – seems suspicious.

Some users could potentially exploit the redirect by using their high Google keyword rankings to redirect users to a malicious site. Which is why Google is on top of all of these hacks & tricks.

Solution To The Sub-Domain Issue

Ensure that if you’ve been blogging for 6+ months, you move over to a custom domain. If you’re looking for the best source for a domain, my Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog for $1 Guide will help you to grab a custom domain for $0.99  You’ll only have to make the initial investment of 1 Dollar & after the year expires, you can choose to renew your domain, or end it.

If you do choose to renew your domain after the year, the price is higher than 1 USD Dollar, but still pretty cheap (around $12 per year), especially if you’re monetizing your blog. Most bloggers should be able to pay for the renewal of their domain, using the money they earned from their blogs monetization strategy.

Moving your site over to a custom domain is extremely easy, even for first-time bloggers. I’ve recently published the Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog For $1 article, which is still extremely useful regardless of the blogging platform you’re using.

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    This was so interesting! I’m still having a bit hard time of understanding this whole SEO thing – but I’ll have to study some more 😀

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    Really interesting! I’m glad I moved to a self-hosted blog early on.

  • Thanks for sharing the information!! I didn’t know, subdomains affect the SEO negatively!!

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    Good info. Im still learning about SEO. This is helpful. Thanks

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