Why All Bloggers Should Learn HTML & CSS

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HTML & CSS are two of the easiest programming languages that are incredibly power for web developers and bloggers. Combining these two languages allows you to make minor and major adjustments to your website or blog. You could even design a new one from scratch!

Having to learn a programming language can be intimidating at first glance. But, companies like Codecademy have created interactive tutorials that will teach you to code, starting from the basics. Their interactive teaching technique makes the learning experience, a lot easier to digest. But why do I think all Bloggers should learn HTML & CSS?


HTML Is Easy

If you have no coding experience, HTML is the easiest language to learn. HTML features very little syntax and all code is readable in English. HTML is a markup language and it’s sole purpose is defining the layout of a web page. It is a language that provides constructs for a web browser to interpret and render the page into something pretty (well HTML along with CSS).


What is HTML?

Before websites started to look fancy, they were completely designed using HTML. HTML defines the elements of a website and displays the content in a raw, basic format.

All websites are still compiled into HTML Documents before being displayed to the user. Although there may be many other coding languages using as CSS, PHP & JavaScript generating the website.

HTML Design is very limited and all changes must be made in-line.


What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language. All of the design changes to your website will be made using CSS. Whether you’re using WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace or even MySpace – Your Website will be compiled into an HTML file with stylesheets defining how it will be shown to the user.

CSS allows you to create sets of layouts called a class. You can create a class of CSS adjustments and apply it to multiple HTML elements.

Why All Bloggers Should Learn HTML

Why All Bloggers Should Learn HTML & CSS

Blog Skeletons are made up of HTML & CSS. All of the content that is displaying on your blog (including this text) is HTML. All of the visual aspects on your website, such as color text or bold, is created using CSS.

As a blogger, personalizing your website creates personality and makes your website unique. If you install a theme, whether free or premium, your website can be easily duplicated because you haven’t tailored your site. By learning these two simple coding languages, you’ll be able to make small or large adjustments to your site and personalize it for free. Outsourcing your coding is an option, but as a blogger, these are tech basics that will set your website apart from everyone else.

Having HTML & CSS knowledge allows you to make adjustments to your website in real-time. As you see an improvement that could be implemented to your site, you’re able to do it right away and test whether it does it look better. (I made 2 CSS adjustments unrelated to this article while writing this post)

It’s Easier Than You Think

Easier Than You Think

Creating code from scratch is an option, but isn’t required. People are hesitant to start coding because starting a new project from scratch seems intimidating to a beginner.

This is a common misconception and far from reality. Learning HTML & CSS will allow you to create a beautiful website from scratch, however it will be extremely time-consuming.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, when there are million-dollar companies creating CMS (Content Management System) Software to create the backbone of your website.

Using a CMS, such as WordPress will provide you with all the basic functionality for your website, allowing you to use your HTML & CSS knowledge to alter parts of your website that you feel could be better.

Start Today!


I have been coding HTML & CSS for 5 years and the only time I created a website from scratch was when I was learning. After that, I’ve only used my knowledge to make alterations, and more importantly understand how the back-end of the website works.

It’s unnecessary for me to mention that HTML & CSS knowledge looks great on your resume, and will prove to be extremely beneficial throughout life. So take the time and invest in developing your knowledge and become a coder!

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